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Recherche et Développement KEP TechnologiesA strong capacity for innovation

The R&D centre, located in Caluire, offers a powerful innovative tool for service to industrial clients, scientific laboratories and major research centres. The centre brings together 10% of the group’s total staff and has a great diversity of skills. These range from hardware and software electronic engineering, mechanical engineering, industrial IT, robotics, automated systems, measurement and instrumentation, and software development.

The centre has solid expertise in project management, where it takes responsibility for all project stages. It has the capacity to intervene in projects carried out under severe constraints in such industries as nuclear, aeronautical and petrochemical.
This R&D activity takes place either working independently, or in cooperation with external organisations, or on behalf of third parties. This activity cuts across every part of the group and complements the activities of both KT-HTP, KT-IS and KEP Nuclear.





Automatic dimensional control station for coffee capsules

Giant calorimeter for nuclear waste management

Manufacture and control of mechatronic modules

 Capsule-café-240  lvc300-240  Electricfil-240

The manufacturer of a well known brand of coffee awarded us the design and manufacture of an automatic size control station for capsules using sampling. Twelve size controls are carried out per capsule, to an accuracy of 10µm (height, diameter, thickness, ovalisation, etc.).


The R&D Centre has just provided a first solution to issues in sorting and managing nuclear waste by designing and manufacturing the first high capacity calorimeter capable of characterising 380 litre casks of nuclear material in a single operation and four times faster.


A major automotive parts supplier awarded us the study and manufacture of a complete fully automated island for the
overmoulding of a mechatronic box All the operations required to overmould the box were integrated and automated on a linear and modular pallet transfer line, as well as the electric control operations, marking and storage.


KEP’Innov process was implemented to stimulate and to accelerate innovation in KEP Technologies group. The main goals are :

  • Generate innovation ideas and lead them to their final application as new products, services, processes or organization methods
  • Meet market needs or internal users expectations and generate value for the group

A first example of our realisations: µLVC, a calorimeter for the characterization and classification of wastes from nuclear power station decommissioning. This project represents a breakthrough in terms of detection limit, it measures from 50µW for 40L containers.


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