Aeronautics & Space

Supplies to the aeronautics and space industries represent a high volume of activity for the group. They especially involve:

Electronic and/or mechanical parts and assemblies

KEP Technologies produces many technical parts and units for the main customers in this sector (see insert) as a subcontractor:

  • Motor parts, such as leaves (fan blades and turbines), thermal shields, casing supports, turbine deflectors
  • Aeronautical structures such as aircraft vertical stabilisers.
  • Avionics control boxes

Technical assistance equipment, Ground Service Equipment

KEP Technologies undertakes the design and manufacture of all technical assistance equipment and utility equipment needed to operate and maintain planes and helicopters from start to finish (wing placement trolleys, helicopter rolling cradles for example).

Measurement, control and test instrumentation

The new requirements of the aeronautics industry – reduced energy consumption, reduced greenhouse effect gas emissions, reduced noise pollution – feed many research programmes to develop and characterise new materials: organic, ceramic or metal matrix composites, lightweight alloys, etc.

This research regularly uses the scientific instrumentation developed by the group using the Setaram brand. Designed to carry out measurements in high temperatures, under severe atmospheres, they are also used in space exploration research laboratories: NASA, CASIC (China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation), VSSC (Vikram Sarabhai Space Center in India).

In the industrial sector the group produces SOLEX pneumatic metrology instruments which are used to measure the size of parts that have openings for which there are very strict size tolerances, of parts that cannot be touched because of their surface condition, or of parts that have complex geometry.