Defence & Security

KEP Technologies designs and manufactures a line of products suitable for the specific constraints of the Defence and Security industries. The group especially proposes:

Electronic and/or mechanical parts and assemblies

Compliant with the needs of the main customers in the sector (see insert), these are especially critical parts and units of which manufacturing tolerances are severe: fighter plane vertical stabilisers, radar supports, missile carriers, missile covers, specific optronics parts, etc.

Technical assistance equipment, Ground Service Equipment

In this field, KEP Technologies manages the A to Z design and manufacture of technical assistance or utility equipment such as radar head test benches, helicopter shaft overturning slings, fighter plane wing fitting trolleys, helicopter rolling equipment, harmonised firing speed control boxes, etc.

Measurement, control and test instrumentation

Specific Setaram equipment is used in most of the sector’s major research centres (CEA, DGA, etc.) to develop and characterise materials. Calorimeters are especially essential for all powder, pyrotechnical or explosive product characterisation with a view to optimising their storage.
In the industrial measurement sector the group’s SOLEX pneumatic metrology instruments are used to measure the size of parts that have openings for which there are very strict size tolerances, of parts that cannot be touched because of their surface condition, or of parts that have complex geometry.