Energies & Environment

The scientific equipment designed and built by Setaram is used in all research centres (see insert) studying energy and environmental changes: climate change, increasing scarcity of mineral resources, new energy needs, natural risks, soil pollution. These are:

Measurement, control and test instrumentation

Thermal analysers, calorimeters and gas sorption measurement stations used for the thermo-physical characterisation of biomass (decomposition, combustion, pyrolysis), materials for hydrogen storage, fuel cells, catalysts (gas adsorption), materials used to capture and sequester CO2, waste (incineration, gasification, pyrolysis), energy storage materials. They are also used in research on the self-discharging of batteries and studies on the formation of gas hydrates.

Non destructive assay

In partnership with the CEA, KEP Technologies has developed an innovating solution to manage nuclear waste based on the group’s expertise in calorimetry