For the pharmaceutical industry, from nutrition to medical prostheses, KEP Technologies proposes services in two main areas:

Electronic control units, integrated systems

In the medical prosthesis field, the group designs and builds complex command modules such as remote controls for operating tables, or the central calculator for wheelchairs for the disabled suffering from severe pathologies, including the interface for the patient.

Measurement, control and test instrumentation

Setaram scientific instruments provide pharmaceutical laboratories with complete solutions for the study of the stability, the bio-availability and the polymorphism of active ingredients.
In the context of the development or improvement of food formulations, the instruments make it possible for food industry research laboratories to characterise the raw materials and better understand complex formulations.
SOLEX pneumatic metrology instruments are used to control the size of parts of which the openings must comply with very strict tolerances, such as the control of prostheses, cosmetic sprays, or medical dosing pumps.