KEP Technologies is present on the transport market and works with many actors in the automotive and rail sectors (see insert). It provides various services:

Electronic control units, integrated systems

The group proposes full study and/or assembly and electronic and mechanical integration services, from the analysis of the customer request, to the manufacture of limited mass production series. This is how the management card for a racing car central console was manufactured as well as the main electronic calculator for a line of tractors.

Automated measurement, control and test lines

KEP Technologies combines its skills in automation and measurement, control and test processes to develop automated production lines. A production and test island for a thermal regulation mechatronic module (pollution reduction) has just been delivered to a major automotive parts supplier. All the operations to over mould the box and for its electric control have been built-in and automated to a linear and modular pallet transfer line.

Technical assistance equipment, Ground Service Equipment

In this activity segment, KEP Technologies designs and develops assistance equipment, especially front axle test benches, gearbox thermal measurement, motor characterisation, mobile and modular weighing stations for motor sports

Measurement, control and test instrumentation

Research on the characterisation of new materials requires the use of Setaram scientific instruments. This is the case of Valeo, for example, to measure new composites (coated fibre) used for brake disks or clutches.

In the industrial measurement sector SOLEX pneumatic metrology instruments are used to measure the size of parts that have openings for which there are very strict size tolerances, of parts that cannot be touched because of their surface condition, or of parts that have complex geometry. Recently, this was the case of a front face levelness check for an actuator in a clean room.